Supporting Indigenous Consciousness in the 21st Century

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Red Wind Councils fosters spiritual consciousness & a restoration of social justice through awakening into the promised return of ancient indigenous Council ways.

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Red Wind Councils

Founded 30 years ago in Chiapas, Mexico, Red Wind Councils became a U.S. charitable non-profit organization in 2005 to support the spiritual renewal & social justice struggle of Maya indigenous people.

Our entirely volunteer efforts have helped create essential stabilization & restored dignity through sustainable programs in rural communities, impacting hundreds of families. Red Wind has also contributed to the building of 2 Medicine Centers in Chiapas for assisting the renewal of Native spirituality in the face of 520 years of repression. For 3 decades, Red Wind has been building alliances with the Maya, creating a core of strength & sanity despite their extreme poverty & oppression.

Based on the ancient indigenous councils of the Medicine Wheel ways, Red Wind models the restoration of the Maya spiritual & cultural legacy before it disappears. Despite the spiritual & cultural devastation of the indigenous who have been marginalized & impoverished for centuries, the Maya legacy is one of the most profound on this continent.

To preserve & restore Council ways, we work at many different levels in assisting the Maya, always respecting the decisions & direction that they indicate to us, independently of any political or religious affiliation. Red Wind Councils does not impose directions on the people, but consults with them on what they wish to implement in their lives & with their families. Our efforts provide support, advice, ideas & funds to the indigenous for sustainable development, spiritual renewal & cultural projects.

In recent years our funding partners have been: Rudolf Steiner Foundation / Levinson Foundation / James H. Woods Foundation / The Sayler-Hawkins Foundation /  One Heart Many Rhythms  / & thousands of individual donors.

The First Wound of the Americas


The majority of the world does not find its roots in Western culture or traditions. The majority of the world finds its roots in the Natural World & its traditions, which must prevail if we are to develop truly free & egalitarian societies.

— Hau De No Sau Nee Address to the Western World
     (Iroquois Nations)

The oppression of Native people, which continues to this day, is the first wound of the Americas. From the central core of spiritual medicine work at Red Wind Councils, we seek to not only model a balanced way of life, but to join in healing this wound from which our native brothers & sisters still suffer.

Red Wind’s unique approach raises spiritual & social justice consciousness within the people.

If spirituality is the highest form of social justice, to paraphrase from the Iroquois’ A Basic Call to Consciousness, then it becomes everyone’s responsibility to awaken into greater spiritual awareness of our planet Earth & to sustain indigenous-defined social justice efforts. According to Native Council ways, spiritual awareness is not rooted & actualized without a simultaneous movement toward social justice.  Red Wind provides a unique opportunity to achieve this purpose by helping the impoverished  Maya people feed their families, deepen their spiritual studies, & renew their cultural & artistic visions while continuing their struggle for justice.  Red Wind provides an inclusive circle of healing, not only for the Maya, but also for those in Western cultures whose mind-set has separated matter from Spirit & has enriched itself materially at the expense of the Earth & indigenous people. Yet the indigenous, in spite of their impoverishment, have maintained a rich, vital connection to Spirit & the Earth that is missing in many Western societies & from which it is of urgent importance that we all learn.

Prophecies on the Change of Eras


In the natural return to the Council ways given by the change of eras, no one will be able to be above the others. Our leaders must ‘command by obeying’ the will & the decision of the people.

— Ohki Forest

Shifting into more circular & reciprocal ways is the best way of organizing ourselves in human societies in order to meet the intense challenges that humanity faces today.  According to ancient Maya, Mongolian & Mohawk prophecies, the time has come for this shift. Native American visionaries of all times predicted that the people of the Americas would return eventually to Council Ways wisdom. It is critical to undo the harm unleashed by the arrogance of imperialism in past millennia, & to re-balance the ways of the people with the natural world. Mongolian shamans identified these times as a change of eras on the planet from the Era of Man & into the Era of Woman. The synchronicity of this prophecy perfectly corresponds to the return of the Plumed Serpent & the Feminine, & the Maya 5th Sun, into which we have just entered. Additionally, the Iroquois predicted that their Council form of government, the Hau de No Sau Nee, is reawakening in people’s awareness for deeply healing the continent. Having survived the conquest intact, this form of government offers to the world a balanced model where communal & democratic ways merge in a perfect symbiosis & bring respect, dignity & vision to the people.

Moreover, the ancient Maya prophecies indicate that after the Harmonic Convergence in 1987, the 3rd eye of the Americas, centered in Palenque, Chiapas, would open & awaken consciousness throughout the Americas first, from under the ground, upwards. Interestingly, the Zapatista uprising in 1994, the only large protest against the NAFTA treaties & globalization, was recognized by the Maya as a primary manifestation of these prophecies. It was in the words of the Maya, an ancient & enlightened, yet impoverished people today, that a crucial concept such as globalization was made clearer in the international public awareness. Many Maya consider that Subcomandante Marcos embodies the promised return of the Plumed Serpent, Kukulcan, who pledged over a thousand years ago to return to liberate his Maya people after 1987.

In her book, DREAMING THE COUNCIL WAYS: True Native Teachings from the Red Lodge, Ohki Forest wrote —

Only at the “lowest” circle of people can we truly start creating the Council ways. At the bottom circle, we can hear the voice of the poorest people of this planet, the ones closest to the Earth.  We must understand their reality & attend to their needs. When the people closest to the Earth—women, children, & the poor—are still not able to be heard, the spirit of democracy is not reached. The true spirit of democracy lies in an awareness of community & must, therefore, be communal.

Why Red Wind adopts the Council Ways


The Council ways are the oldest form of relationship within a community, & this requires that every individual align toward their own spiritual learning & growth.

— Ohki Forest

The Council ways underlie some of the most stable & free societies that ever existed by exemplifying the circular principles that hold the universe together. In human terms, these Council principles resolve many cultural differences, & provide a map for directing our awareness & actions.  They offer a matchless model for harmonizing all the tendencies of a society, both democratic & communal, leading us toward a united government guided by the people themselves. These important ancient archetypes are now re-emerging in one of the most balanced approaches to relating to one another in a larger planetary sense. Council ways are primarily a way to deeply heal the planet, encompassing the highest universal laws by including the most extreme forms of thinking, whether religious, political, or social. The most transcendent principle within the Council laws is inclusiveness of all. This is entirely opposite to the separation of individualism.  Many people in the Western world carry a long individualistic tradition that has lost the understanding of how to live in community. In the Council Wheel, everyone stands equal to everyone else, always possessing the freedom of choice, the power of decision, which must be respected by all.

We established Red Wind Councils, as students & practitioners of Earth Medicine & Council ways under the compelling vision of Ohki Forest (www.ohkismineforest.com), to share with others the effective principles of this indigenous wisdom with the aim of igniting spiritual transformation. The gift of this wisdom, shared so generously by Native people, awakens us to the necessity of reciprocal sharing. We welcome everyone in the quest for true spiritual & social healing of the first wound of the Americas within ourselves & with indigenous people, based on a renewed respect for our beloved Earth. By donating to Red Wind Councils’ sustainable projects & spiritual initiatives you can participate in this visionary action.

In making any law, our chiefs must always consider three things: the effect of their decision on peace; the effect on the natural world; & the effect on 7 generations… We are the carriers of knowledge that the world needs today.

— Carol Jacobs, Cayuga Iroquois Clan Mother

Modeling Democracy in Maya Communities


A healthy society is not an unrealizable Utopia, but the only real ideal we should all have.

— Ohki Forest

For over 520 years, it has been too painful for the Maya to dream of a better future. Without any resources whatsoever, it was impossible for them to even think they could improve their lives. But the work of Red Wind Councils has brought many opportunities for the people to express themselves & sparked life into dreams that have been so often frustrated. We share a common desire to change an oppressed mind-set born of 520 years of repression, a mind-set that has instilled deep feelings of inferiority & lethargy.

We at Red Wind believe in the inherent strength & spirit of the people. Our focus with the Maya encourages greater self-confidence & an experience of unity through the recovery of their traditional spiritual ways. Through spiritual, educational, cultural & social projects, we create islands of sanity, & egalitarian alliances with the people to help them revive their traditional ways before they are lost.