Spiritual Vision

Promoting Earth Wisdom for Global Awakening


Real consciousness is an inner pressure that keeps you from living in self-satisfaction. It holds your heart down to Earth, so you do not forget, so you can listen to the great vastness of Earth with your amazed soul.

— Ohki Forest

For over 2 decades the spiritual Medicine Centers created by Ohki Forest in Chiapas (www.ohkismineforest.com), have served the spiritual, cultural & practical needs of Maya indigenous & international students. These Medicine Centers are the heart of the Councils in Chiapas & North America, the strong central fire that supports mature awareness & spiritual growth. The living models of Council Ways at these Centers are deeply rooted in the dreaming of Earth & her Council ways. The renewal of the Maya’s ancient spiritual traditions is a key factor in the recovery from the brutal religious domination that began with the Spanish conquest. The beauty, power & healing emanating from Chiapas, considered the 3rd eye of the Americas, make these Centers crucial locations for the awakening of consciousness & expansion of indigenous vision so needed in our world.

The Medicine Center Project

The Chiapas Council has created this project to provide operating expenses, staff employment, renovations, vegetable greenhouse & flower garden projects for the Center where people come for healing, spiritual renewal & to learn more about the vast legacy of Native wisdom.  The Chiapas Medicine Center is a rare & precious place of power for renewing with Spirit in order to meet the challenges of the world with wisdom & balance.

The Chiapas Red Wind Center


The Red Wind Center of Chiapas provides a serene & deeply powerful place to receive, by invitation, local & international people of all races, cultures & spiritual paths for ceremonies, intensive trainings in Council & Earth ways & spiritual retreats. Under the capable direction of Ohki Forest, the Center is a mindfully crafted expression of the humble beauty, simplicity & power of indigenous medicine ways. Whether people come for limpias from local healers, private consultations with Ohki & her Guides, prayerful drummings, sweat lodges, meditation, Earth Burial healing, or powerful ceremonies in the Council wheels, all are renewed clarity & strength from the good medicine & spirits of this place.

The Chiapas Red Wind Center is not open to the public at this time.

The Santa Fe Center

In the beautiful Santa Fe area, Ohki offers study & practice in Earth Council ways. Hosted by Patricia Worth, the Red Wind Medicine Center presents teaching visits from Ohki who has shared her knowledge in the Santa Fe, NM area for over 30 years. The Santa Fe Center provides a sacred setting for ceremonies & Ohki’s circles of study.

Sponsored Teaching Circles in North America


Red Wind Councils is honored to sponsor Ohki Forest’s teaching circles on Spiritual Warriorship & Council ways in New Mexico & other locations in North America. Your participation, donations & support ensure that Red Wind Councils can continue its important work.

Check back again for information on upcoming events.