Conscious Giving for 7 Generations

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Give of your soul in a gesture of perfect surrender. Then the Earth gives you the power, the understanding, & the infinite love to move mountains, to be aligned & to help align the world with her.

— Ohki Forest

CLICK HERE for our 2016 Thanksgiving & Holiday Newsletter in which we share on the accomplishments of the past year with the Maya in Chiapas & stories from people who have benefited from your support of Red Wind Councils.

With your support, we can do even more!


Donate to Red Wind Councils

When you donate by PayPal, please add 5% to cover the credit card processing fees so the Maya people will receive the most benefit from your contribution.

100% of funding received goes directly to indigenous people who have, over 30 years, demonstrated their wise & impeccable use of funds. Donations directly help the Maya families we serve & the Medicine Centers of Chiapas. We warmly invite you to support these brave efforts towards self-sufficiency & traditional spiritual renewal.


Red Wind Council’s pledge program provides a steady stream of funding & is especially helpful in the long-range planning necessary for projects, whether you pledge monthly, quarterly or annually.  For example:

  • A monthly pledge of $100 provides a pregnant woman with the necessary vitamins, iron, & transportation for prenatal care for a month.
  • A monthly pledge of $200 feeds a family of 8 for a month.
  • A monthly pledge of $300 provides medicines & supplies for a clinic of a whole region for a month.
  • A monthly pledge of $500 sustains vital work at the Medicine Centers of Chiapas.

Holiday Fundraising Efforts

Donations to Red Wind are appreciated at any time of the year, but especially at the holidays we invite you to Share a Gift of Hope with the Maya Children.

To receive our annual Holiday fundraising newsletter with stories & updates on RWC projects, email:

Maya God

2015 Newsletter
A  celebration of the past 30 years of accomplishments supporting the Maya in Chiapas, Mexico.

2014 Newsletter
The stories of Dominga, the reality of an urban indigenous girl & a Maya children’s ceremony for world changes.

2013 Newsletter
The story of Ana Maria, a voice for healing, dignity & justice for Maya women & children

2012 Newsletter
The stories of Luz, a rural indigenous girl, & Consuelo, a Maya grandmother

Spirit & Money

What Natives at Red Wind are hoping for are donors & funding partners whose hearts & minds are opened to the preservation of the Circle of Life. Each donation through Red Wind is received not simply as funds, but as a link of inter-relatedness in a shared struggle for dignified life on Earth. The people consider every penny from our donations with our names & spirits attached, offering prayers of heartfelt gratitude & ceremonies for our well-being.

Earth wisdom ways do not belong to one race, but rather to all children, for they are from the sacred heart of Earth. They are given to anyone who hears her truth in their soul & spirit, & can enter the dream of her magnificent promise of awakening & justice.

— Ohki Forest

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